Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Iron girl

It's almost payday. TFFT.
My cupboard is almost bare and am frankly fed up of pasta. Tonight, however, that's what it'll have to be. Probably with a tomato sauce heavy on the onions and garlic (is it obvious that I'll be eating alone?) partly because that's all I have and partly because it is, happily, what I need.
There may even be a tub of Marscapone in the fridge. Frugal shmoogal.

Come Thursday however it's off to the shops! I'm thinking of chicken livers (naturally).
Feel like I could do with a boost of iron so will have them with some curly kale and a little buttery, balsamic sauce. And red wine.

The other dish on my payday wishlist is proper savoury mince. I use Simon Hopkinson's recipe which calls for a can of beef consomme to be added. Genius. I could happily live off this for days and probably will. It's great hangover food too, which could be why I'm longing for it so today...last night's dinner consisted only of crumpets with cheese.
And red wine.

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